Dutch Marine Systems is a member of the IPCOM group. Our position within this European network of insulation professionals provides us with an ongoing exchange of knowledge and expertise. This allows us to deliver superior results to all our clients and to expand our activities strategically and in a sustainable manner.

IPCOM, which is headquartered in Melle, Belgium, is a fast-growing European group comprising of more than 20 companies specialized in the distribution and conversion of innovative solutions. IPCOM is an international market leader and offers a full range of solutions for technical insulation, building construction insulation, high-temperature insulation, passive fire protection, and acoustic insulation.

Among IPCOM's professional clients are installation professionals, national and international contractors, distributors, and OEMs in a wide range of industries and markets. IPCOM has more than 750 employees spread across 50 locations in 13 European countries.
IPCOM serves a broad range of industries and markets including construction, energy, process engineering, automotive, petrochemical, metalworking, shipping, food, healthcare etc.