Soft Core Steel Ceilings

Soft Core Steel ceilings for shipping industrie

DMS developed a unique type of fire-resistant Soft Core steel ceiling in collaboration with a manufacturer. These steel ceilings from Dutch Marine Systems comply with all strict fire safety rules for shipping. The Soft Core fireproof products can be mounted in different ways, in many different applications and areas.

Demountable ceiling


Self supporting ceiling system
An interlocking type sandwich ceiling system
Each panel individually removable
Fire rating: B-15 or A-30 in conjunction with a steel deckhead
Dimension: 550 or 600 wide x 50 x 3000mm max
System weight: 18.6 kg/m²
Sound properties: 32dB
EC-MED approval available
Thermal properties: 0.56 Kcal/m²h°C
Finishes available: PVC, PET, paint, galvanized or stainless steel


Interval ceiling DMS-DcS-300/25

•    25mm ceiling panel suspended type ceiling
•    B0 class rated (B15 rated if with another 25mm rock wool overlay)
•    EC-MED approval available
•    Each panel individually removable
•    Standard module width is 300mm
•    Supplied non perforated or perforated
•    Mineral wool of 70 Kg/m³
•    One side with a 0.6mm thick galvanised steel sheet
•    Supported on a grid system hung from the main structure
•    System weight: 9.7 kg/m²
•    Sound properties: 26dB
•    Finishes available: PVC, PET, paint, galvanized or stainless steel

Continuous Ceiling DMS-cS-550/25

•    25 mm ceiling panel, B15 class rated 
•    A tongue and groove type sandwich panel system
•    High density rock-wool of 120 Kg/m3 (MED approved)
•    Both sides with a 0.6mm thick galvanized steel sheet
•    One side can be perforated
•    EC-MED approval available
•    Finishes available: PVC, PET, paint, galvanized or stainless steel

Acoustic ceiling panel

Dutch Marine Systems also offers you acoustic Soft Core Steel ceiling panels. These meet all strict fire safety rules for shipping and also have excellent acoustic values.

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