Ceiling systems for shipbuilders in international shipping

Since 1998, Dutch Marine Systems has been a leading company in producing, installing and delivering ceiling systems for riverboats and seaworthy passenger-carrying vessels. Producing marine interiors is a highly respected craftsmanship. The ever becoming stricter regulations for marine interiors require certified products offering a safe structure for craftsman finishings.

Dutch Marine Systems, superior quality ceiling systems for international shipping

Dutch Marine Systems developed a variety of ceiling systems who do justice to the highly respected craftsmanship while at the same time meeting the highest standards and requirements for interior construction in international shipping. Consequently, our ceiling systems serve as basic frames for traditional finishing of marine interiors.

Seamless gypsum board ceilings

DMS delivers and installs seamless ceiling systems, consisting of 12.5 mm thick gypsum board tiles installed on a 60/27 ceiling system including vibration-free joints. This system is finished seamlessly for an esthetically pleasing and high-quality result.

• Esthetically pleasing high-quality finish
• Can be repainted in any color of your choice    
• Seamless system
• Easy to install
• Custom sizes available

System ceilings

System ceilings
DMS delivers and installs a variety of system ceilings. The sound absorbing system ceilings are available in different editions, such as the Rockfon Lithos tiles or vinyl gypsum ceiling tiles. We also offer concealed system ceilings. Characteristics Rockfon Lithos:

  • Sound absorption: aw 0.90 (Class A)
  • Reaction to fire: class A1
  • Reflection of light: 77%
  • Humidity and dimensional stability: 100% sag resistance
  • No visible bends at high levels of humidity
  • Can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner    
  • Hygiene: stone wool does not contribute to the growth of micro-organisms    
  • Sustainability: recyclable

Acoustic ceilings

DMS acoustic spray ceilings have a seamless finish and consist of the following parts: 60/27 metal-stud construction system including a vibration-free suspension, sound absorbing ceiling elements of which the topside is covered with foil and the bottom side covered with glass fiber. Characteristics: 

• Three-layered acoustic spray finish in the color of your choice.
• Sound absorption: aw 0.85
• Edge type: 4AK
• Punch holes: 12/25@
• Thickness: 12.5 mm
• Dimensions: 1250 x 2000 mm
• Finish: Glass fiber coated visible side

Our other solutions and sytems

Other products

DMS delivers various hotel room products such as minibars, safes, and hair dryers to make cabin stays as pleasant as possible.

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