Bulkheads for the international shipping industry

In collaboration with our manufacturer, DMS developed a unique type of fire-resistant partition wall, which can be processed seamlessly. This allows for the application of different types of top layers including wallpaper, plasterwork, paint, or other decorative finishings. The metal-stud walls meet all fire-safety standards and also have excellent acoustic values. In addition, we offer matching frames and doors.

Seamless and simple to build in

The system is non-modular, which makes it especially simple to build in. The seamless processing makes the partition walls perfect for hotel ships, but also for any other application. To meet the demands of every client, our bulkheads are available in different fire classes.

Advantages and properties of our fire-resistant partition walls

Our DMS Class A60 and B15 Bulkheads have a certificate of Type Approval. The partition wall system is based on a metal-stud construction. The wall thickness of 70 or 100 mm allows electrical conduit pipes and water pipes to be neatly integrated into the walls. Our metal-stud walls have an excellent sound insulation value of 42-44 dB. The partition walls are assembled which makes it easy to implement any necessary adjustments in the construction phase.

Certified systems

All our wall systems have been certified according to the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In the industry this standard is known as the "wheelmark" and regulates the authorization of marine equipment for the European market. DMS produces, delivers and installs certified Class B-15 and Class A-60 wall systems.

Our other solutions and systems

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