Fire doors for the international shipping industry

Dutch Marine Systems produces and delivers a wide range of ship doors for commercial river cruise ships, seaworthy cruise ships, navy ships, and for luxury yachts. We successfully deliver classified or non-classified lightweight construction doors for accommodation spaces and other interiors.
Our Class A and B fire doors (GRG) meet the highest standards of the International Maritime Organization, which is responsible for the safety and security of international shipping.

Artisanal construction finishings of a ship's interior

Our Class A60 and B30 single leaf, double leaf, hinged, and sliding executions GRG door systems serve as the basic frames for the artisanal finishings of a ship's interior. This allows the designer, architect and interior construction builder to adhere to established artisanal practices and quality demands for ships built in accordance with IMO regulations.

Properties of our doors

  • DMS doors are fully HPL equipped and do not include stainless steel door profiles. This gives the doors a high-quality and luxurious appearance.
  • All IMO-certified HPL editions can be delivered in the color and structure of your choice.
  • Lightweight door perfectly suitable for shipbuilding

Different fire classes

Our doors are available in different fire classes. Class A fire doors have a fire resistant rating of 60 minutes. For Class B fire doors this is 30 minutes.

Frames according to your preferences

If necessary we can deliver doors and door frames separately. This allows frames to be installed when necessary for carrying out carpentry and tiling work. To prevent unnecessary damage to the doors they can be delivered in the final phase of construction.

Certified systems

All our solutions have been certified according to the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certification standards. This directive, established by the European Commission, is known in the industry as the "wheelmark" and regulates the authorization of marine equipment for the European market.

Flexible delivery and installation

Our certified doors and frames are delivered in standard sizes, but they can also be delivered in a non-standard size as long as the deviation does not exceed the certified range. In addition, our frames can be delivered in any RAL color of your choice. Our doors are finished with IMO-certified HPL in any preferred color and structure to which the certification applies. Dutch Marine Systems does more than just producing and delivering products. Our technical engineering experts will guide you in finding the perfect solutions for your project.


Other products

DMS delivers various hotel room products such as minibars, safes and hair dryers, to make cabin stays as pleasant as possible.

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