Luxury and acoustic comfort

In the shipping industry excellent acoustic  systems are crucial. Big and heavy engines in the engine rooms, pipes, and systems are unavoidably located near the pilothouse, cabins, restaurants, or other lounge and relaxation spaces for passengers. Knowing that often hard materials such as plastic, aluminum and glass are used, reverberation, vibration and resonance might cause disturbances. To ensure a pleasant trip and to provide both comfort to the passengers as well as excellent working conditions for the crew, we help you to reduce, absorb or dampen noise and vibrations, or install anti-drumming insulation. All our solutions have powerful sound-resistant properties and prevent any sound leaks on ships.

Shipbuilding and acoustics

Reducing noise effectively ensures a pleasant and relaxed ambiance on a ship. Creating acoustic comfort is always an important aspect when designing ships. DMS offers solutions through many products and systems. By means of sound absorption, noise reduction, reducing sound vibrations, or providing soundproofing we provide solutions for your acoustic insulation project.


Creating your completely seamless acoustic ceiling

To create acoustic comfort, an acoustic ceiling might be the perfect solution. Dutch Marine System has developed ceiling products that meet the highest standards and regulations for interior construction in the shipping industry. Our acoustic ceilings are made up of sound absorbing elements. These are installed vibration-free in a 60/27 metal-stud ceiling system. After that, the ceiling is completed seamlessly with three layers of acoustic spray material, which results in a seamlessly flat high-quality ceiling that is esthetically pleasing.

Our client-focused project approach

The experts of Dutch Marine Systems offer clients total solutions thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in delivering and installing fire-resistant systems on ships. Their comprehensive approach enables them to successfully complete even the most complex projects.

Certified products

The solutions and systems of DMS meet the highest European standards. Our products adhere to the highest standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Our organization and processes have been ISO 9001 and MED Module D certified by Bureau Veritas. All our products and systems meet the wishes and demands of modern architects, shipbuilders and ship owners.

Fire protection systems

When transporting passengers across a body of water, a fire protection system is of crucial importance. Our doors, walls, and ceiling systems have been MED certified. The fire protection systems of Dutch Marine Systems always ensure the best quality.