Ship building and acoustics

Luxury and comfort are the most important starting points when building Hotelships. Reducing noise effectively ensures a pleasant and relaxed ambiance on a ship. Creating acoustic comfort is always an important aspect when designing ships. DMS offers specific solutions for creating acoustic comfort. This can range from sound absorption, noise reduction and sound vibration damping to soundproofing. DMS offers solutions through their many products and systems, which meet the strictest European standards: they are MED approved and meet the wishes and demands of modern shipbuilders and owners.

Acoustic insulation techniques

Anti drumming applications

Vibrations caused by thinner steel and synthetic plates and walls are dampened to prevent the energy from being released, thus ensuring minimized noise production and channeling.


To break off noises coming from engine rooms and the ship's engines to adjacent spaces.

Sound absorption

We take care of the installation of sound absorbing materials in walls, floors and ceilings. These materials ensure a reduction of noise levels within a space or improve the acoustic properties of a space by removing any reverberation.

Vibration damping

Vibration damping materials isolate machines, walls and ceilings from the rest of the ship's construction. This prevents impact noise caused by a vibrating object to spread to other parts of the construction.

Our acoustic insulation solutions

To ensure a pleasant trip and guarantee comfort to the passengers as well as to provide excellent working conditions for the crew, we use acoustic insulation techniques and materials. All our solutions have powerful sound-resistant properties and prevent any sound leaks so there will be no noise pollution inside the ship.